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Grant Watts Elementary Social Science Resources

Dewey Decimal 300s Social Science Resources for our K-3 Gray Wolves Community

Welcome to our curated Dewey Decimal 300s

This LibGuide supports our Dewey Decimal 300s section which contains our Social Science resources in our library.  Our 300s section is currently under renovation as we are working on the readability (reading level that matches interest level) of the section.  Additionally, we are making sure our resources are current, relevant and reflective of our Grant Watts/Scappoose community.  We want you to have fun while you are learning about important things!  While we are working on this section, you can find information and resources here that are appropriate for you, your family and our Grant Watts Elementary staff.

The 300s section of our library contains all of our nonfiction titles that represent the Social Sciences, the Essential Questions from our Literacy curriculum and connect to our Oregon Social Studies Standards. 

The subject areas you will find in this section (listed by Dewey Decimal) are:

300-309 Sociology and Anthropology*

310-319 Statistics

320-329 Political Science*

330-339 Economics*

340-349 Law

350-359 Public Administration*

360-369 Social Services, Associations*

370-379 Education

380-389 Commerce, Communications, Transport

390-399 Customs, Etiquette, Folklore*

*The tabs to the left represent the resources you need from this Dewey section that connect to your K-3 Social Studies Standards and current curriculum.

We will continue to work on improving all sections of the 300s as time and finances allow.  Until we are able to fully update this section at all our school libraries, you can use the search engines on this LibGuide and on our District Library website to gain access to additional tools/materials

Thank you for checking out our first LibGuide!.


Search Additional Resources

Our school subscribes to Scholastic magazines, we have Let's Find Out for Kindergarten and it is a great resource for current Social Studies topics--ask your classroom teacher for your classroom password.  You will find fun games and great Kindergarten activities here!

For grades 1-3, our school subscribes to Scholastic News--follow this link, then select your grade level, then login, then student and enter your classroom password (your teacher can give this to you).  You will find fun games and great activities that connect to current Social Studies topics here!


Check out this new database that will be coming to our school library soon--it is a great tool for you to get access to grade-level appropriate, relevant and current Social Studies content.  Using the icons on the digital platform, you can choose from a variety of topics to search and there are also engaging activities to make searching and learning fun!

Grades: K-5

Publisher: Cengage


Click here to see why Gale in Context is an outstanding database tool for young learners!

Research supporting Gale in Context-Elementary:

“I love the browsing ability that comes with Gale In Context: Elementary. Introducing our students to research and synthesis skills using topics they are interested in results in much deeper engagement compared to assigning students a research topic while attempting to teach these difficult skills.” Library Media Specialist Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools (OH)

School Library Journal Review:  "The interface is clean and intuitive and the content timely. Whether as an environment for teaching younger students about database searching or providing a platform for exploring on their own, for informal browsing or for targeted ­searching, Gale In Context: Elementary is an ­excellent resource."  Bob Hassett, Luther Jackson M.S., Falls Church, VA


The resource above is free through our school (our school subscribes for you), but you can also subscribe to this amazing online encyclopedia--check with your parent/guardian to see if this meets the needs of your family.  Subscribing to a resource like this protects you from ads and content that might not be appropriate for you to see.  Additionally, the articles have different reading levels to make them accessible for your age and reading level, you can even have the materials read to you!  Plus, there are videos, games and so much more. Check it out:

Ages: 5 - 18 yrs.

Publisher: Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.


Parent's Choice Silver Medal Honor - "Britannica Kids is a new product from Encyclopedia Britannica that promises to let your kids explore "uncharted" topics, find "infinite" facts, and help complete homework assignments "in a snap." Hyperbole aside, the website is massive, offering more than 100,000 articles spanning three reading levels; more than 60,000 images and videos; text-to-speech functions; an excellent dictionary; and a lot more. ...This impressive site offers vast content where kids can "run wild" on their own exploring a fun and enriching environment. It's an easy-to-navigate website compatible for all devices, smart phones and desktops; a homework-relevant resource covering the span of curriculum subjects through all grades; and a safe environment learning resource for even the youngest students." Don Oldenburg   ©2017 Parents' Choice


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