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Grant Watts Elementary Social Science Resources

Dewey Decimal 300s Social Science Resources for our K-3 Gray Wolves Community

Connecting Savvas ELA to Social Studies Standards to Your Library - For Parents and Staff

Beginning in September 2022, we will have a new literacy program and it is has embedded Social Studies learning that connects to our Oregon Social Studies Standards.  Students can access the stories from the lessons and their student interactive book through their SAVVAS realize account.  To access this account, students simply login to their Clever account and look for the SAVVAS realize icon and that will take them directly to the materials.  If you have questions, please ask me or the Student Achievement Department.

Once students are in their SAVVAS realize account they can read the digital materials, have them read aloud to them (they can adjust how fast the reader reads and they can have the words be highlighted as they are read) and students can change the language in which the stories are read to them.  I can help you with this if you have questions!

The Essential Questions students will search, find, and answer throughout the Literacy unit studies can be found here:  Unit Themes by Grade Level

The Dewey Social Science tabs to the left will help students find the answers to these questions in addition to the books they can find currently on our bookshelves.