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Grant Watts Elementary Social Science Resources

Dewey Decimal 300s Social Science Resources for our K-3 Gray Wolves Community

What is Sociology and Anthropology? The Dewey 300-310s

Sociology and Anthropology are the study of social groups including interactions, behaviors and cultures of individual groups.  In grades K-3 our Social Studies Standards encourage us to use historical knowledge and thinking to engage in social science analysis--we do this by learning about the past and present (comparing the two), listening to stories from other cultures and observing the behavior/interactions between people.  The goal of the books on our library shelves and in the ones listed below is to give you a world view of all of these things and then let you form your own informed understanding of the world around you using critical thinking and a kind heart.

This section will help us answer these Essential Questions:

Kindergarten - What can we learn from the past?

1st Grade - Why is the past important?

2nd Grade - Why is it important to connect with other people?

3rd Grade - How do communities change over time?

If you don't see a book on our shelves or in the below section, please click HERE to send me a book suggestion you might have to improve our collection. (This is open to staff, students and community members)



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DK findout! 

DK Find Out has great information about Politics, Culture and so much more! You can find out what a politician does, what holidays/traditions happen around the world and figure out what a refugee is. This s a great resource to answer our Essential Questions tied to Social Studies!

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Publisher:  Penguin Random House