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Grant Watts Elementary Social Science Resources

Dewey Decimal 300s Social Science Resources for our K-3 Gray Wolves Community

What is Economics? The Dewey 330-339s

In grades K-3 Economics is the study of money (financial literacy is one of our Social Studies Standards) and the use of our natural resources.  The books you might find in this section of the library and below will show us how to manage our natural resources so that we have a sustainable future and they will also show us how money can play a role in families, our community and the world. 

This section will help us answer these Essential Questions:

Kindergarten - What makes a place special?

1st grade - How can a person's actions and technology change the world?

2nd grade - How do different places affect us?

3rd grade - How does our environment affect us?


One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul; Elizabeth Zunon (Illustrator)

I love this book and wish we had it in our library--this is a great story about protecting your environment, working together to make a positive change and how small ideas can become grand achievements! Click the image above to hear the story!

Call Number: 333.7288

ISBN:  1-46771-608-1

Publication Date: February 1, 2015

Reading Interest: K-3/Reading Level:  3.0

# of Pages: 34/ Price:  $15

Review: Booklist (February 15, 2015 (Vol. 111, No. 12))

"Grades K-3. As Isatou Ceesay, a young woman in Njau, Gambia, drops and breaks the basket of fruit she is carrying, she discovers an abandoned bag made of a strange fabric—plastic. At first these brightly colored bags seem convenient throughout the village, but as they break, they are discarded. As 1 becomes 2, then 10, then 100, their beauty turns into a growing pile of filth that attracts dirty water, mosquitos, and a stench. When the problem worsens as goats begin to eat the bags and die, Isatou and her friends devise a clever plan that’s initially met with ridicule. They wash the bags, cut and roll them into plastic thread, and crochet them into purses, all in secret. But when 1, then 2, then 10 women buy them, proud entrepreneur Isatou soon has enough money to buy a new goat and relishes the returned beauty of her village. Colorful textured and patterned collage artwork illustrates this inspiring true story, which concludes with more information about Isatou’s grassroots initiative."


Grades: K-3

Publisher: BrainPOP


Click HERE for research on the educational impact and value of BrainPOP

BrainPOP Jr. offers a variety of Social Studies subjects, including Economics, that are at the appropriate developmental level of our K-3 learners.  Additionally, the App/Site uses differentiation to the meet the needs of different learning levels and languages.  BrainPOP Jr. uses engaging videos, activities and quizzes to engage learners in the learn, practice and apply skills.  Teachers can also dive deeper through lesson plans provided for each subject. 

5 Star Review from Common Sense: