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Grant Watts Elementary Social Science Resources

Dewey Decimal 300s Social Science Resources for our K-3 Gray Wolves Community

Field Trip Ideas - Ideas for Parents/Staff

K-3 Social Studies Standards encourage learning about neighborhoods/community, public administration (civics & government), and culture--the following Field Trip (or family friendly) opportunities support learning in these areas:

Scappoose Community and Grant Watts Neighborhood Walking Field Trip:  Library, Watts House, and Police Department are just a few of the highlights along a community walk through Scappoose.  Teachers can add stops at many other "community workers" locations as time and interest/age appropriateness allows. 

Topaz Farms, Sauvie Island: Island Life | through a collaboration with Topaz Farms and The Sauvie Island Center, students can visit a community farm to understand life on the island the farms that sustain this way of life.  Students are immersed in history, culture and planning for the future.

CTGR: Shared History is reinforced by shared experiences.  The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde welcome our students for field trips to the reservation to learn about ceded lands and native culture and history.  You can visit the plank house and museum on your visit.  Contact Cheyanne Heidt (503.879.2275) to schedule your visit.

Portland Walking Field Trips:  This group offers an Art, History and Transit field trip that is appropriate for elementary students and connects to our Social Studies Standards. Additionally, the City of Portland offers environmental tours to children ages 6-9 that foster SEL, community and urban learning for our rural students.

Oregon Historical Society:  OHS offers free school tours through the exhibits that share Oregon's history and culture of a variety of social groups. 

Guest Visitors/Experiences - Suggestions for Staff

Another way to support the Social Science learning opportunities for our students can be by having guest speakers or traveling experiences come to the classroom.  The following opportunities help enhance learning about community and culture of social groups as well as local government and civics. 

Fire Department:  The Scappoose Fire Department will come and explain their role in our community/neighborhood to your students.

Oregon Historical Society: They Oregon Historical Society offers an affordable traveling trunk program with curriculum and hands-on activities to learn about the past. 

Scappoose City Council:  Our local city councilors will come to your classroom and give a presentation about the past, present and future of Scappoose as well as some insight on how local government works.