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Antioch University Seattle School Library Endorsement Program: Program Planning

EDU 602 LIBM Program and Collection Management is a required course in the school library endorsement program of Antioch University Seattle

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Annual Reports

Annual Report Examples

Relevant Articles and Blog Posts

Data-Informed Advocacy

2019 AASL National Conference Concurrent Session 

Read more about this on the KQ Blog 

School Library Practice During COVID

Some Quantitative and Qualitative Ways to Measure




Greater connection to student learning:

•  Assessments from student research projects (grades, competencies, and/or evidence of learning)

•  Composite scores on class assignments

•  Data from state standardized tests

•  Data from other tests (Information Literacy-TRAILS, Digital literacy/technology)

•  Rubric assessments of student use of technology (Noodle Tools, Google tools, Power Point, etc.)

•  # of books read by individual students

•  # of collaborative instructional units implemented

Greater connection to student learning:

•  Individual samples of student research papers

•  Individual samples of student projects

•  Curriculum maps/plans developed

•  Flipped classroom videos and other instructional videos produced

•  Detailed library curriculum (overview)

•  Student surveys and focus groups

•  Teacher surveys and focus groups

•  Parent surveys

Less connected to student learning:

•  Circulation stats

•  Library database usage

•  Website analytics (URL counts)

•  Interlibrary loan data

•  Library class visits/library schedule

•  Number of students served (visits)

•  Library hours open for use (the physical plant)

•  Attendance at special library events

Less connection to student learning:

•  Human interest stories (“I love my library”)

•  Student access to databases 24/7

•  Library website

•  Curated resources and bibliographies

Creating Mission and Vision Statements

Mission & Vision Resources

Examples of library mission and vision statements linked below.


Library Mission: To equip students with high quality resources, research tools, and inquiry skills needed to move them forward as lifelong agile learners. Onward! 

From Kutztown High School, Kutztown, PA

Action Planning Resources & Examples