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Antioch University Seattle School Library Endorsement Program: Advocacy Websites

EDU 602 LIBM Program and Collection Management is a required course in the school library endorsement program of Antioch University Seattle

School Library Advocacy Index to Sub Pages

Advocacy Websites Sponsored by Associations

Libraries Transform

Libraries Transform

an initiative of the American Library Association

State Association Journals and Articles

Amanda Jones' Advocacy Website

Jaime McKenzie's From Now On

School Librarians United with Amy Hermon

Begun in 2017, is an offshoot of, a non-profit, "expanded partnership with five state school library associations and Follett Learning to work on restoring school librarians to schools and districts - and to expanding funding for school library programs - in their states."

Judi Moreillon

Judi has created a book study website with extras to accompany this book - 

Judi's description of hre book: "In this book, preservice and practicing school librarians, district-level library supervisors, school librarian educators, school principals and administrators, and others will find strategies to position school librarians as leaders. In their leadership and instructional partner roles, school librarians make essential connections that build and sustain a culture of learning in their schools. In the process, they engender library advocates for the vital work of the school librarian and the essential role of the library program in education. Selected figures and graphic organizers from the book are available online as Web Extras from ALA Editions."

Readers of Maximizing School Librarian Leadership: Building Connections for Learning and Advocacy can download select figures here:

Chapter 8: Leadership and Advocacy Podcast: Virtual Interview with Dr. Ann Ewbank

Leadership and Advocacy is the title of Chapter 8 in Maximizing School Librarian Leadership (ALA 2018). In this podcast, I conduct a virtual interview with Dr. Ann Ewbank, who is an associate professor and director of the School Library Media Certificate at Montana State University. Ann is also the author of Political Advocacy for School Librarians: Leveraging Your Influence (Libraries Unlimited 2019). In her interview, Ann shares her journey as a dedicated advocate for school librarians and libraries and advocacy researcher. I close the podcast with a preview of the upcoming blog posts for the month of April. You can access the book study schedule and links to podcast scripts from:

Sara Kelly John's School Library Advocacy Images 12, 2019- Explore Sara Johns's board "school library advocacy", An updated list of best library infographics, showing that libraries in digital times.

ALA's "Libraries Transform: The Expert in the School Library"

January 20202: ALA has added a research guide to its growing list of Libguides with outstanding content found at The guide ( focusing on content to support school librarian's expertise to effectively impact student achievement and school communities, offers eleven in depth pages with annotated links to hundreds of research studies, articles, other guides, critical information on expertise; and, librarians using the AASL National School Library Standards. Building on ALA's Libraries Transform, the work focuses on how librarian's transform offering pages on School Librarians: PSEL Competencies: Building our Expertise; Infographics on school librarian's expertise; School Librarian value and measurables; Competencies and dispositions; and Tools to communicate expertise, value and worth. The guide brings together the collective work of the School Library Team for ALA past-President, Julie Todaro's "The Expert in the Library." Led by Dorcas Hand, Sara Kelly Johns, and Susan Ballard, the team included Angela Hall, Debra Kachel, Kathy Hicks Brooks, Kathy Burnette, Kay Wejrowski, Ric Hasenyager and Joyce Valenza.

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