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Briarwood Elementary Science Resources

Natural Sciences resources for Briarwood's K-5 community.

Welcome to Briarwood's Curated Natural Sciences resources.

This collection supports our Dewey Decimal 500s Section with up-to-the-minute content and videos. Keeping the sciences section current with modern resources like websites that update every day makes sure that our library has the most current information to start your learning experience.

The 500s are Natural Sciences, areas that change very quickly as scientists learn more. In examining the 500s at Briarwood, I found that our books might be a little older than our students! The books, links and videos in this guide will help Briarwood's library collection keep the newest and most relevant Natural Science information for you to use.

On top of being so much fun to learn about, science is one of the areas teachers focus on at Briarwood. According to the Washington State (Next Generation Science) standards, we build our knowledge about the world from the science we learn here in elementary school. So dig in! Learn more about dinosaurs and dounpours, plants and planets.

Dewey Decimal Ranges in This Guide

500-509 General Science and Science Projects
510-519 Mathematics
520-529 Astronomy
530-539 Physics
540-549 Chemistry
550-559 Earth Sciences and Geology
560-569 Fossils and Prehistoric Life
570-579 Life Sciences and Biology
580-589 Plants and Botany
590-599 Animals and Zoology

Online magazines are a great place to find the latest information. Take a look at these:

Science News for StudentsWith every type of science discipline covered and daily updates, Science News for Students is a great place to find information about the Natural Sciences.


Kids Discover OnlineThis site has regular updates about all kinds of science and history. Kids Discover Online is a subscription site, though. That means talking to a teacher or a parent about getting an account. See your librarian for a school account password.


Need specific information? Look under the tabs to the left.

Don't know exactly what you're looking for yet? Search below.

Encyclopedia BritannicaA fully fact-checked encyclopedia that is trusted all over the world, Encyclopedia Britannica is a safe place to find information.


Encyclopedia.comThis is an online encyclopedia that keeps up to date. You can trust it because the sources in are reviewed for accuracy and the American Library Association's Association for Library Service to Children.

Your DictionaryYour Dictionary has over 400 language dictionaries and fact-checked information available. The American Library Association calls it one of the safe sites for children on the Great Websites for Kids page.