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Briarwood Elementary Science Resources

Natural Sciences resources for Briarwood's K-5 community.

Zoology Resources

Briarwood's students love learning about Animals! These resources help our school meet the LS1, LS2, and LS4 standards and ESS2 about the interactions of animals and their environments. Tese standards help students become knowledgeable members of our community and planet. What does that mean? It means that we know there are different living creatures in different parts of our planets ecosystems. Next Generation Science Standards are available online to learn more.

Animal Science on the Internet

National AquariumThe National Aquarium  has online tours, web cams with animals, and information about animals. They are accredited by the National Zoo and Aquarium association and the site is approved for children by the American Library Association's Association for Library Service to Children.

Sea World Parks and EntertainmentThe Sea World animal information site has articles and live streams animals to watch; they conduct accredited research, too. This site is recommended by the American Library Association's Association for Library Service to Children. 

The National Geographic: Animals page contains videos and daily updated articles about animals. This site is recommended by the American Library Association's Association for Library Service to Children. 


Brain PopBrainPop is an online subscription page filled with videos and games about science. Teachers and administrators all over the country. Many games and videos can be played without logging in, but check with a teacher or parent before making an account.


Butterflies and Moths of North AmericaOne of the American Library Association's Great Sites for Kids, Butterflies and Moths of North America collect pictures of butterflies and identify them for people in North America. They share what they learned about butterfly migration and have a gallery so we can see all the pictures!

Animal Webcams

San Diego Zoo KidsThe San Diego Zoo lets you watch elephants, penguins, pandas, tigers, polar bears, condors, and koalas. This website is recommended by the American Library Association's Association for Library Service to Children. 

California Academy of Sciences The California Academy of Sciences webcams let you watch animals all over the planet. Accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, the California Academy of Sciences is an education leader doing research on site.


Find books to take home and learn more about the animals on our planet!

Videos About Animals

If you use information from a video in a paper for school, let the reader know where you got the information. When I "cite" the lion video above, I write:

Nat Geo Wild. (2017, December 16). Lions 101. [Video file]. Retrieved

If you learned about pythons from the video above, let your teachers know where you learned it by citing the video. Write

National Geographic. (2018, March 20). Pythons 101. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Discovery UK. (2018, August 1). What and how do sharks hunt? | Shark week  2018. [Video file]. Retrieved from