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Briarwood Elementary Science Resources

Natural Sciences resources for Briarwood's K-5 community.

Geology Resources on the Internet

Earth Science, or geology, is the Dewey Decimal numbers 550-559. At Briarwood, geology is one of the most-checked out areas of the Natural Sciences. To make sure that our school has the most up-to-date information about the planet Earth, follow the links. Scientists learn more every day, so these websites keep their information fresh.


US Geological SurveyThe United States Geological Survey's website for children interested in learning more about earthquakes and plate tectonics shares videos, games, and career advice.


National Science Foundation Science 360Videos about our planet at the National Science Foundation's Science 360 site will teach us about our changing planet. The videos are updated weekly or more.


Learn about Earth Systems at BrainPop. The Issaquah School District supports this site by providing teachers log ins. Most videos and games are free, but if you want to visit a "premium" link, talk to a teacher or a parent about making an account.

Khan Academy Learning about Earth's History is fun at Khan Academy.  Watch videos and learn about how Earth's systems interact. Videos are free, but to save progress or take a quiz requires a log in. Talk to an adult before creating an account.

Books about Earth's systems

Learn More Now

Learn about the water cycle, one of the most important systems in Earth's biosphere. If you use this video for a report, don't forget to cite it like this:

National Science Foundation. (2013, July 12). The water cycle. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Learn about how continents more and are made. If you use this video for a report, don't forget to tell your teacher you found it by writing:

BrainPop. (2017, August 23). Plate tectonics. [Video file]. Retrieved from

The Tornado video came from the SciShow. If you want to use information from the tornado video in a paper, cite it this way:

SciShow Kids. (2015, July 15). What is a tornado? [Video file]. Retrieved from