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Briarwood Elementary Science Resources

Natural Sciences resources for Briarwood's K-5 community.

Botany Resources

Plant Science, or botany, is in the Dewey Decimal 580s. These links update our school's botany collection, keeping the information new and fun. Botany falls into the Life Science and the Earth's Systems Next Generation Science Standards as well as the Physical Science standards describing changes in states of matter (like when we eat plants or when plants absorb sunlight).

My First GardenWhere and how do you make a garden? My First Garden by the Universtiy of Illinois Department of Education can help us learn.


The Great Plant EscapeAlso from the University of Illinois, The Great Plant Escape offers clues to solve mysteries involving botany!



Botany at Khan AcademyLearn more about Botany at Khan Academy. This side has articles and videos for learning more about plants, but needs a log in to save a quiz. Be sure to talk to a teacher or parent before making an account on any subscription site.

Videos About Plants

Part of the water cycle is transpiration. If you are writing about transpiration, tell you teacher you learned it here by writing:

Elearnin. (2012, September 3). Transpiration in plants. [Video file]. Retrieved from

If you learned how a seed grows from this video, cite it. That means a teacher or someone who reads your report will know where you learned it. Write:

Outdoor Life. (2016, March 16). How a seed grows - Germination process for growing seeds. [Video file]. Retrieved from

If you learned about trees from the video above, you can share what you learned in a paper by citing it. Write

SciShow Kids. (2018, September 18). Life as a tree!. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Books to read about plants