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Briarwood Elementary Science Resources

Natural Sciences resources for Briarwood's K-5 community.

Mathematics resources

Math is in the Dewey Decimal System's 510-519. Math is so useful, and so fun! Briarwood is in Washington State, so we follow the Washington State Guidelines for mathematics. These are based on Common Core Standards for Mathematics. The websites, videos, and books below will let you explore and meet those standards.


Khan AcademyLearn math with lessons online at Khan Academy. To take a quiz or save progress, talk to a teacher or parent about making an account to log in. 


Math Playground is a site with a lot of videos and games. There are areas that need a parent or teacher to have an account, so talk to an adult if you want to sign in.

Videos about Math

Pebbles Kids Learning. (2015, October 28). Multiplication | Basic maths for children | Maths basics for kids | Maths tricks | Maths puzzles. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Books about Math