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Briarwood Elementary Science Resources

Natural Sciences resources for Briarwood's K-5 community.

Paleontology Resources

The Dewey Decimal 560s have the dinosaur books. Sometimes we say paleontology to mean studying fossils of animals and plants, but another great word for dinosaurs and the other animals studied through fossils is paleozoology. This area meets our Next Generation Science Standards by teaching Natural Selection and the history of diversity of life on planet Earth. Learn more in the links below.

BBC Earth DinosaurBBC Earth's Dinosaur web page has articles and videos about the life of animals and the environments those animals lived in back when the dinosaurs roamed.


American Museum of Natural History DinosaursThe latest video and articles about dinosaurs, the creatures they lived with, and their environments are at the American Museum of Natural History Dinosaurs.


National Geographic. (2018, August 24). Plesiosaurus 101 | National geographic. [Video file]. Retrieved from

If you learned about Pterosaurs from the video above, share where you learned it by writing 

National Geographic. (2018, October 12). Pterosaurs 101 | National Geographic. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Books about Paleontology