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Briarwood Elementary Science Resources

Natural Sciences resources for Briarwood's K-5 community.

Biology Resources

The Dewey Decimal 570s are dedicated to Biology, or Life Science. This is where we learn about the human body and all its parts as well as the systems of life from atoms and cells to what happened to our breakfasts. 

Kids Health is a regularly updated site that explores new questions each month. There are articles in Spanish and English, and lots of images to help.


Khan Academy BiologyBiology at Khan Academy has videos and articles about cells and systems in our bodies. This site needs a log in to take a quiz, so talk to a parent or teacher about making an account. Always check with an adult.


National Science Foundation Science 360 VideoThe National Science Foundation's Science 360 Video site has video clips from scientists working in the life sciences. It's a safe site updated regularly with information from biology researches all over the country.


Videos about Biology

Learn about the body's systems. If you use information from the video above in a paper cite it! Write:

National Geographic. (2017, December 1). Human body 101 | National Geographic. [Video file]. Retrieved from

The video above, How Your Digestive System Workscame from TED-ed. I cite it by writing

TED-ed. (2017, December 14). How your digestive system works -  Emma Bryce. [Video file]. Retrieved from