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Antioch University Seattle School Library Endorsement Program: Budget & Access

EDU 602 LIBM Program and Collection Management is a required course in the school library endorsement program of Antioch University Seattle

Video on the Technology Gap

YouTube produced by SoulPancake 12/8/17

"In the age of technology, we have more information at our finger tips than ever before. We partnered with Sprint to explore what advantages (and disadvantages) students have thanks to the internet. 70% of teachers assign homework that requires access to the internet. Yet, 5 million families with school aged children do not have access to high speed internet at home. So, what happens to the kids whose life circumstances don’t allow them easy access to all the internet has to offer?"

Beaverton (OR) Collection Report for Administrators

For the full report, CLICK HERE. This report is discussed in the following article:

Takeda, J. (2019). Evaluating school library collections at the site and district level as a tool for advocacyKnowledge Quest, 47(3), 14–21. 

CLICK HERE for the memo to administrators.

Equity & Access

School Library Management

Public and School Library Cooperation in Access

COVID Impact of School Library Programs

Library Scheduling

Annual Book Prices and Costs

Summer & Extended Library Hours

Guidelines for Providing Access to Technology

School Library Policy Documents

Resources to Support Students with Disabilities

For more details, read this article:

Agee, S. (2019). Equal Access + Equal Opportunity = Success for All Learners. Knowledge Quest, 48(2), 24–29.