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Antioch University Seattle School Library Endorsement Program: Collection Assessment

EDU 602 LIBM Program and Collection Management is a required course in the school library endorsement program of Antioch University Seattle

Dewey Decimal Guides

Finding Lexiles

Finding Lexiles and Reading Levels

  • Lexile Overview & Resources (West Virginia Dept. of Educaiton)
  • Lexile Level Searchable Database  (free site)
  • Mackin​ (Mackin allows you to search by reading and lexile levels. Register free to use their database.)
  • Follett’s TitleWave  (Follett’s TitleWave has reading and interest levels. Register free to use their database.)
  • Bound to Stay Bound  (BTSB also allows searching of Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts. Register free to use their database.)
  • Scholastic’s BookWizard (Scholastic’s BookWizard allows searching of grade level equivalent, Guided Reading (A-Z), DRA, and Lexile levels. Plus booktalks, lesson plans, author studies, videos, and discussion guides. Also refer to their “Lexile Levels Made Easy” explanation and comparison of systems.)
  • Level It Books ™app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch And there’s an app for that!
  • Biblionasium- A social collaborative free web tool for kids to share and recommend what they are reading, inlcudes Lexiles and reading levels of searchable titles

More about leveling and labeling books:

Collection Guidelines

Fun Weeding Site & Blog

Awful Library Books

 ( is a fun site with lots of slide presentations and advice to get you in the mood to weed. Enjoy! 

Why We Weed

Collaboration in Collection Development

Analyzing for Diversity

Book Jobbers and Vendors

Collection Assessment and Follett's Destiny System

Follett TitleWise Collection Analysis Report


Below are report setup instructions with in Destiny to help with the Data Collection Worksheet of the Collection Assessment Project.

The Destiny "Collection Age Report" can be printed as follows: "Reports" tab - Library Reports - Statistics "Collection Statistics-Summary" - "Age" Tab - Printable

A Destiny Collection Report for the Last School Year that also shows circulation can be printed as follows: "Reports" tab - Library Reports - Statistics "Collection Statistics-Historical" - (then set parameters and print). This shows one full school year of use data instead of a partial year.

Follett Products: Let’s be clear about these popular products

Destiny – an online library management system (circulation and catalog) that must be purchased with an annual technology/maintenance fee

TitleWise – a free, online collection analysis tool that produces a 15 page report based on your library’s MARC records which you upload to their site.

TitleWave – a free, online databases of titles (1.5+ million print, audiovisual, ebooks and educational materials) that you can search; includes award-winning titles, book reviews, titles in other languages, and reading levels including Lexiles

Note: Both TitleWise and TitleWave can be used by anyone. You do not need to own Destiny or any other Follett product, but you will be required to set up a free account to use them.



More Resources from Follett:

TitleWave Tutorial Videos

Topical Tuesday With Library Current: Diversity Audits with Titlewave (1/12/21) School District of Palm Beach County, FL

Jennifer LaGarde's Weeding Infographic

For larger version, click here

Curriculum Mapping

MUSTY Weeding Guidelines

Fort Worth TX Assessment of Library Collections

Weeding Manual

An image with text of CREW: A Weedng Manual for Mofern Libraries

Larson, Jeanette. CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries. Austin: Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 2008.

In 2012, chapters were added on ebooks

AASL Complimentary Webinar

Sue Kimmel author of Developing Collections to Empower Learners offers this webinar on collection assessment

AASL Position Statements Relative to Collection Development

Sampling & Statistical Tools


AASL Position Statement on Quantitative Guidelines

The Position Statement on Quantitative Standards has been sunsetted by the AASL Board of Directors, effective January 27, 2019. Click here for a complete list of the current AASL Position Statements.