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Antioch University Seattle School Library Endorsement Program: Legislation

EDU 602 LIBM Program and Collection Management is a required course in the school library endorsement program of Antioch University Seattle

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Federal Library Legislation Updates

ALA Action Alert

States That Require School Librarians

Extensive research reveals that 26 states have requirements, either in actual state laws or regulations, to employ school librarians (Kachel & Lance 2020). Unfortunately, 16 of the 26 state do not enforce the requirements. Go to for the full report.

Voting Records - Where Do They Stand on the Issues?

Updates on Federal Education Policy

Federal Flash is the Alliance for Excellent Education’s five-minute (or less!) video series on important developments in education policy in Washington, DC. Sign up to receive email notices for the next video. Or go to 

Political Advocacy- Ann Dutton Ewbank

2021 Build America's Libraries Act

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Communicating With Legislators: The PowerPoint

Although created for the Regional Leaders Academy for PA School Librarians, July 11-12, 2017, this PowerPoint has basic advice when talking or communicating with legislators. Created by Deb Kachel

Legislators Speak Out


undefined provides timely plain-English descriptions of bills, records of legislators' votes, and a forum for commenting on legislation.

Organizing School Library Visits for Legislators

Washington State


Contact your legislator and ask him to vote YES on Senate Bill 5102, a bill requiring a certified librarian in every school. Find your legislator here. Find resources to help you craft your “ask” here.

SENATE BILL 5102 School library information and technology programs bill update 

Legislation Requiring Teacher Librarians in WA

Teacher librarians are legislatively required based on the state’s K–12 education funding formula, called the Prototypical School Funding Model (PSFM), which was adopted by the Legislature in 2010. However, this school funding legislation has not been fully funded and thus the staffing requirements are mostly ignored by school districts. The model includes “teacher librarians at .663 librarians per 1,000 students at the elementary level; .519 at the middle school level; .523 at the high school level.” RCW 28A.150.260 Allocation of state funding to support instructional program of basic education—Distribution formula.
RCW. 28A.320.240- School library information and technology programs - Resources and materials - Teacher-librarians -identifies the criteria for "quality" school library information and technology programs able to support Washington's academic standards and graduation requirements. OSPI.

April 2021 Media Literacy Bill

Requires OSPI to establish a grant program for supporting media literacy and digital citizenship. Requires OSPI to convene two regional conferences on the subject of media literacy and digital citizenship

MSOC Money Per Student for Library Materials

2021 legislation impacting WLA and School Libraries:

 WA 2021 legislative actions benefit librarians willing to spend time on funding sources.

 WA passed HB1365 which helps ensure students have devices but includes teacher-librarians (thanks to Washington’s RCW 28A-320-240 which gives ‘oomph’ to library programs).

 WLA lobbyist Carolyn Logue shared per student budget for libraries pulled from MSOC (material, supplies, and operating costs) is $21.54 per student:

From Carolyn: “….intent by the legislature that library materials and teacher librarians be funded and that there is accountability for how the district is using the money if they do not use it for the purpose outlined… My suggestion is always to put together a plan that shows how both students and teachers will benefit.  With the current pandemic, I would utilize a “lessons learned” approach and how the library materials are needed to benefit equity, student (and teacher) mental health, and helping students regain lost learning.”

Library Services and Technology Act Federal Funding

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