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Antioch University Seattle School Library Endorsement Program: School Board Presentation

EDU 602 LIBM Program and Collection Management is a required course in the school library endorsement program of Antioch University Seattle

Madison-Oneida BOCES Webinar

This webinar was created for the Madison-Oneida BOCES (NY) school librarians and presented 2/13/20.

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Need More Advocacy Resources?

Please feel free to use any of the resources on the School Library Advocacy LibGuide curated by Deb Kachel for her online graduate course "Strategic Administration of School Library Programs" for Antioch University Seattle.

Future Ready Schools Launches School Board Program

Why Future Ready School Boards™ Matter

  1.  School board members support the vision that each student, regardless of where they live, should have access to opportunities that maximize their unique gifts and abilities.
  2. School board members can seek input from internal and external stakeholders their forging a visionary and systemic path to support long-term financial, pedagogical, and political sustainability.
  3. School board members empower leaders with in the district to implement their school’s vision for teaching and learning while providing the opportunities, time, and needed resources for them to grow professionally.

Recent Kachel Op-Ed

Pa. Requires Libraries in Prisons. But Not in Schools. Why? | Opinion | Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Megan Aranyos's School Board Video

Megan Aranyos, the high school librarian at the Burrell School District (PA), organized the district librarians to produce this video to use with her school board while schools were closed for COVID-19. Below is the infographic she developed to use with the presentation.